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Martin Ashley Hardy

During the course of a party or event the artist creates one picture as the perfect gift to the hosts and a different kind of entertainment for the guests. Original art, from an original idea.
For more information contact

Martin Hardy   ph.201.965.3441   Jersey City, NJ 


Go here to see some of Hardy's work featured in 

The New York Times  11/11/12  " Captured live,on Canvas" 

     Multimedia Slide show


Allegro Style

New! Click here to play Documentary video -NHK Japan- Jan. 2013

Click here to play ' THE 15 SECOND PARTY PAINTING'

The Plaza NYC 2014 24 x 36

The  "acrylic" media painting  is created on a standard  24 x 36 stretched canvas.  Framing not included.


Beach Wedding 2015 24

Baltimore Wedding 2011 24

Greek Wedding 2015 24


Greek Wedding 2015